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Texas Internet Sex Crimes Attorneys

Internet solicitation of a minor charges involve the act of soliciting sex in a chat room or other Internet communication mode with a minor who represents him or herself to be 14 years old or younger. The actual criminal act occurs the moment there is an agreement to meet the child in person.

Charges of Internet solicitation of a minor can also result when an adult pursues a minor for child pornography in an Internet chat room. Internet-solicitation-of-a-minor and child pornography charges are serious; child pornography charges alone are federal offenses and felonies.

  • Solicitation of a minor over the internet
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Internet sex
  • Child molesting
  • Lewd conduct
  • Indecent exposure
  • Child pornography

Attempted Child Molestation – Enticement Charges

Few criminal accusations are as devastating to a client as being arrested or investigated for a sexual offense. An arrest can occur without corroborating or forensic evidence or even where reasonable doubt of the claimant’s motives exists. The impact on the client may be life-changing as family, friends and co-workers assume the worst about a person.

With the advent of internet pornography and chat rooms, law enforcement agencies have been aggressive in their undercover work and internet sting investigations as seen on Dateline and MSNBC. Federal and local police officers posing as underage children, engage the suspect in sexual chats online, exchanging lewd photos including child pornography, and ultimately setting a “date” to meet when the target is arrested for attempting to molest a child and other sex-related crimes.

Internet Sex Crimes

When a suspect chats with someone he or she considers to be underage, in a sexually provocative manner, numerous state and federal criminal violations occur. The government may charge the suspect with attempting to lure or provoke a child to commit a sexual act or disseminating sexually-explicit material that may be harmful to children including Child Pornography. The Internet has become a means to investigate these crimes because of its ability to hide the identity of the perpetrator and the police, posing as a potential victim.

The government will seek substantial jail or prison time in such cases, and require sex crime registration for life.

Aggressive Defense of Internet Sex Crimes

We begin our defense before charges are even brought to court by immediately intervening with police and prosecutors on your behalf. We employ a private investigator who will respond immediately to interview witnesses. We have had numerous cases with sex crime accusations dropped before even going to court!

In a recent high-profile case we defended a licensed professional who was able to avoid jail time because of our aggressive pre-filing work on the case for an entire year.

The consequences of a sex crime conviction are life-changing. To avoid the stigma of a strike conviction and sex offender registration we strive to provide an aggressive courtroom defense to reach our goals of having all charges dropped or securing an attractive case settlement.

If you have been charged with a sexual criminal offense, call the criminal defense attorneys. Our knowledgeable legal team can evaluate your case and advise you of your legal options before you go to court.

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