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Texas Lawyer for Aggravated Sexual Assault Against a Child Under Six

Sexual abuse of children and especially those under the age of six are heinous crimes and deserve harsh punishments which can be set as examples. The lawmakers of Texas have established strict laws to deal with aggravated sexual assault on a child less than six years of age. Anyone charged with such crimes can face long years in prison and even face the gallows.

Being charged with sexual assault of a child can have life altering consequences even if it doesn’t land you up in prison. Your reputation and the core of personality are at stake and it can lead to devastation of your career and cause a broken family. People who assault children should be put behind bars, but the law shouldn’t convict anyone who is innocent.

If you have been charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child under six, you have to act fast! Your whole life is at jeopardy and proving your innocence depends on the hands of an attorney. Unless you get professional legal help you cannot prove against the charges or allegations put against you.

What Punishments can You Face for Aggravated Assault of Child under Six?

Aggravated sexual assault against a child under six is a first degree felony according to the laws of Texas. If convicted, you can face a life in prison without the bleakest chances of getting a parole. If you are proven a repeat offender, then the punishment can be death.

The aggravated sexual assault against a child under six is filed under the super aggravated sexual abuse of a child category. Conviction in this charge leads to life without parole if the child is six years or age. If the convict has performed violent aggravated sexual assault on a child less than fourteen years old, then he faces a minimum of 25 years of prison. Examples of violent aggravated sexual assault include threat of causing bodily harm or death, using deadly weapons, incidents of kidnapping and so on.

The nature of the crime and the emotional impact it carries calls for strictest sentences.

You Have a Chance to Come Out Clean

We have the example of Kennedy v. Louisiana, 554 U.S. 407 (2008) decision by the U.S Supreme Court in 2008 which created a landmark. The court ruled that death penalty should not be awarded to convicts calling the unusual and cruel punishments clause of the Eighth Amendment- the rapist of a child should not be given a death sentence if the act did not lead to the death of the victim.

Citing this case we can avoid the death penalty on your behalf. Our experienced lawyers can work out the nuances of the case and carry out a full investigation to negate the evidences and charges filed against you.

The sexual charges are created based on the reports of a single person which in most cases is a child of young age. Also, the acts are carried out in private without any witnesses who can back up the charges. The accounts of a child can be reliable or they can be manipulated for ulterior motives by another adult.

Don’t wait till the charges are filed in the court. If you have the inkling that charges of aggravated sexual assault against a child under six can be filed against you, approach our sex crime attorneys at the earliest. Our attorneys will have more time to collect the facts and build up a case that refutes all charges and evidences in court.

Save your reputation by contacting our expert attorneys even before the police approach you and let us help you defend your rights.